February shaping up to be a good month, Twisted Metal confirmed for…

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal will be launching in the UK on 17 February. It follows the earlier date of 14 February (Valentine’s Day) in the US. 
Originally the game had ben due in October of last year, but various delays pushed the project back into Q1 of 2012.
Those of you that purchase one of the first batch run of Twisted Metal will receive a download token in your box that entitles you to download a free copy of Twisted Metal Black (PS2, 2001).
February is shaping up to be a very fine month for videogames. Alongside the release of the PS Vita, we’ve the boob ’em up Soul Calibur V, scare ’em up Catherine (in Europe), gnarly ’em up SSX, stealth ’em up Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, devil ’em up The Darkness II and mog ’em up Final Fantasy XIII-2. 
Now we just need a shut ’em up for me and we’ll be sorted.