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FF7 Rebirth – How long is the Junon demo update?

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth tells the next part of one of the industry’s most beloved stories, and Square Enix has released multiple chunks of tasty demo content to get players pumped for the full experience. But how long is the new Junon demo update?

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How long is the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s demo update?

The first part of the FF7 Rebirth demo, released initially, was titled Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim. While some people estimated it would take players around three hours to experience everything, quite a few players seem to have found they could explore everything that interested them in as little as two hours. By offering access to a much larger area, the Junon demo update promises several hours of additional content.

When you first load the demo with the February 21 free update applied, you’ll see a few options. If you haven’t already cleared Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim, you’ll need to start there. Progress upon completing the Nibelheim part of the adventure carries over to the game’s proper retail release. You even receive the Kupo Charm and Survival Set incentives.

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Progress you make in the Dawn of a New Era in Junon part of the demo doesn’t carry over to the retail release. As you begin this new chunk of DLC, you appear on the outskirts of Junon. The initial scene depicted doesn’t take place until a few hours into the actual game.

“This special preview [was] made specifically for the demo,” a press release issued on the same day as the Junon demo update noted, adding that it, “features a small piece of the massive in-game world that players can freely explore.”

Elsewhere, that same press release explains why save data won’t carry over to the full game. The reason is that “the content has been altered for a more compact experience.” The demo’s goal is to let you enjoy exploring and using synergy attacks, as you will in the full game. Right now, you’re only getting a small taste of things. It’s like that first bite of macaroni and cheese that makes you want to consume the whole casserole. Best of all, you didn’t even have to buy Tobal No. 1 to get it!

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Because the demo has just dropped, and because it provides freedom to explore a more expansive area, it’s difficult to say exactly how many hours of play it offers. A lot of that will come down to how much you like messing around in the new environment. You should be able to enjoy at least a few additional hours, however. That content ought to be enough to keep you living a fantasy until the full game releases on Feb. 29, 2024.

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