FFXIV: Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry- Best items and Duties

This is the best round of Moogle Tomestones yet, so be prepared.
Ffxiv: Moogle Tomes Of Tenfold Pageantry Best Items And Duties
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The 6.4 round of Moogle Tomestones is themed after the 10th anniversary, and with it comes a complete step up from previous Moogle Tomestones. Both the items available and the amount of tomes dropped from duties took a massive upgrade. Let’s get into the Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry: the best items and duties.

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FFXIV 10th Anniversary Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry- Best items

As usual, Moogle Tomes are obtained from certain duties and then exchanged for items at the Itinerant Moogle in the three main City States. There is a LOT worth getting from this round, so here are the rewards for FFXIV‘s Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry.

Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry: The S Tier (Very worth it)

  • Fat Cat Parasol: 100 tomes. New to this event, this Fashion Accessory is only obtained by this event for now. If you think it’s cute, or if you’re after gil, it will resell for a lot.
  • The Earrings, Scarf of Wondrous Wit, and Taoist Moogle: 1 tome each. Previously exclusive to only other Mog Tome events. They’re not necessary, but this is your one chance to get them easiest.
  • Ten Year Anniversary Kit: 10 tomes. Also an event exclusive and cheap besides at only 10 tomes.
  • Modern Aesthetics- Both Ways: 100 tomes. A hairstyle that only drops from Bozja lootboxes. It sells for over a million guaranteed.
  • Ballroom Etiquette- Insufficient Petticoats: Grants /shiver. 80 tomes. Drops from Eureka Pagos lootboxes. Don’t do Eureka Pagos if you love yourself. This is a far less painful way to get this emote.

The A Tier (Worth it if you don’t want to do the content)

  • Ballroom Etiquette- Pointed Misgivings: Grants the /guard emote. 50 tomes. Normally 50 Bozjan Clusters. Especially if you’re not at or don’t want to learn how to farm Bozjan Clusters, this is easier.
  • Samurai Barding: 100 tomes. Acquired from Eureka Pyros. That’s a lot of time to sink in just to get to Eureka Pyros.
  • Tyrannosaurus Horn: 50 tomes. Obtained from Eureka Anemos lockboxes. Not as hard to get as the other lockbox drops on this list, but still a time saver if you’re not lucky.
  • Sky Blue Parasol, Big Shell Whistle, Ballroom Etiquette- Next, Godliness, and Ballroom Etiquette- Uncouth Congratulations: All 50 except for the Parasol at 30. Grants the emotes /broom and /highfive respectively. Obtained from Skybuilders’ Scrips in the Firmament. If you don’t like The Firmament, this is certainly an alternative that may take less time than grinding scrips.
  • Toad Head and Suit: 30 each. These are obtained by doing a special FATE in The Tempest. You may very well get all the tomes before the FATE spawns next.
  • Fae Gwiber Trumpet: 50 tomes. This saves you having to coordinate a Dancing Plague Extreme party, which might very well be worth it to some, signed someone who farmed Titania for hours back when it was current content just to get this one.
  • Ballroom Etiquette- Excessive Petticoats: Grants /sweat. 50 tomes each. Your alternative is running the same 10 floors of Heaven-on-high 10 times.
  • Disembodied Head Resonator: 50 tomes. Like /sweat, probably less time than doing Palace of the Dead repeatedly.
  • Warrior of Light card: 100 tomes. A random chance from Gold tier Triad card pulls at the Gold Saucer. This one depends on if you care about Triple Triad and don’t want to waste the MGP, because it’s a lot of tomes.
  • Verdant Partition: 50 tomes. One of the most highly sought after and consistently expensive housing items. Typically you have to speedrun Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum on hard mode to get it, or get lucky with Kupo of Fortune. Either way it’s RNG.
  • Shoebill: 50 tomes. A minion that drops from Amaurot. It is a rare drop and saves you many dungeon runs or a lot of gil.
  • Forgiven Hate: 50 tomes. Same as above from Mt. Gulg, though it’s a bit cheaper to buy off the market board.
  • The Garden’s Gate Orchestrion: 7 tomes. This is a Bloodsworn reward from the Pixie Tribe quests in Shadowbringers. You need to have all three of the Shadowbringers tribes at maximum to get this orchestrion. It will save you a lot of time, especially for only seven tomes.
  • The Dancing Mad Orchestrions: 30 a piece. All of them drop from Sigmascape v4.0 of the Omega raids, so if you don’t want to do unsynched farming, this is easier.
  • Fat Cat minion: 7 tomes. A rare minion whose methods to obtain are all effectively RNG from retainer explorations or Company Seal boxes. It is a very expensive minion to resell and highly sought after, though prices will likely crash with the event.
  • Treasure Box Minion: 7 tomes. Normally 440 Allied Seals. This isn’t a big amount, but for only seven tomes? A steal.
  • The Paissa Minions: Normally a rare prize from Kupo of Fortune. They’re not too bad on the marketboard, but seven tomes each is still a steal.
  • Any of the Triple Triad Cards: Fairly cheap and save you some grinding by their normal methods.

The F Tier (Not worth it)

  • Modern Aesthetics- Style for Hire: Do not waste 50 tomes on this. This is the Wolf Marks hair for 18,000 Wolf Marks. If you play PvP in any decent amount, you will quickly hit the required marks for this hair in an afternoon.
  • The Furniture: 20 each. Furniture is never worth tomes. While technically cheap by this event’s standards, it’s really not worth it when you could save for bigger rewards and craft it normally later.
  • Answers, To the Edge, and The Final Day orchestrions: 50 each. Each is a matter of farming its respective duty in hopes of the faded version dropping. However, you can buy the faded versions off the marketboard for a reasonable price and craft or get someone else to craft the orchestrion.
  • Magicked Prism (Job Mastery) x10: Confetti. Get the earrings instead.

Best duties to farm for Moogle Tomes of Tenfold Pageantry

The maximum amount of tomes rewarded per duty is a whopping fourteen this time around, with a minimum of three.

  • Fourteen Tomes: Euphrosyne, The Tower at Paradigm’s Breach, The Orbonne Monastery, Dun Scaith, The Praetorium
  • Twelve Tomes: Aglaia, The Puppet’s Bunker, The Ridorana Lighthouse
  • Ten Tomes: The Copied Factory, The Royal City of Rabanastre, The Weeping City of Mhach, Frontline maps
  • Eight Tomes: Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal), Every Endwalker main story dungeon, Castrum Meridianum
  • Six Tomes: Frontline maps, The Porta Decumana, Syrcus tower, The World of Darkness, The Void Ark, The Labyrinth of the Ancients
  • Four Tomes: Anabaseiois raids
  • Three Tomes: Abyssos and Asphodelos raid series

Putting this all together, every single Alliance Raid drops some number of tomes, so daily Alliance Roulette is already a good way to farm tomestones. Frontlines continues to be a decent middle ground of time sink versus rewards, as does The Porta Decumana. However, I would actually say Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal) is probably the best middle ground of all. Everyone’s already used to Zurvan from being an existing duty, and the item level requirements match up with other end content in Endwalker. It depends on how well and efficiently a party can run it, of course, and sticking with the fourteen tomes Alliance Raids or the Endwalker Dungeons may be easier to coordinate. But if the time can outperform its competition, you may want to just consider striking Zurvan again and again.

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