Fiddlesticks rework abilities revealed for League of Legends

Fiddlesticks rework revealed for League of Legends items

We’ve had our share of different reworked and new champions in League of Legends. We’ve seen the badasses, the edgelords, and even the happy-go-lucky Disney-like characters. But very rarely does Riot Games truly bring the horror genre into League of Legends. Fiddlesticks was originally a champion based around fear, leaping out of his foes’ vision for surprise attacks to turn things around. But his kit didn’t fit a lot of roles in League, and even if it did, other champions could perform those jobs better. With the Fiddlesticks rework coming to the PBE soon, we can now take a look at his kit and see what this new, horrific creature can do.

Scarefest Fiddlesticks rework League of Legends

You can run, but you can’t hide from Fiddlesticks…

A Harmless Scarecrow (Passive)

Fiddlesticks doesn’t have wards. Instead, he has scarecrow copies of himself that he can put down. These copies grant vision like actual wards. When an enemy champion comes close to a scarecrow, it’ll mimic a basic attack or pretend to cast his ultimate ability, after which it destroys itself.

Fiddlesticks can store up to a maximum of two scarecrows at once, with its recharge cooldown decreasing and its spawn duration increased as Fiddlesticks levels. At level 6, these scarecrows also act as Control Ward and can reveal nearby wards for six seconds.

Terrify (Q)

Passively, while Fiddlesticks is out of combat and unseen, his next damaging ability will become feared. When activated, Terrify (Q) fears and damages the enemy based on their current health. If this ability is cast on an enemy that was recently feared, the ability will deal double the damage and not fear the target.

Bountiful Harvest (W)

Fiddlesticks drains health from all nearby enemies, damaging them and healing himself based on the damage dealt. The last damage and healing ticks are based on the target’s missing health.

If Bountiful Harvest (W) is fully channeled, or if no enemies remain in Fiddlesticks’ ability, Bountiful Harvest (W) will have its cooldown partially refunded.

Reap (E)

Fiddlesticks swings his scythe in front of him, damaging and slowing enemies. Enemies in the center of the skill are silenced.

Crowstorm (R)

Fiddlesticks channels for a bit before blinking to the target location, damaging all enemies around him for several seconds.

Fiddlesticks League of Legends

His hour of reaping has come…

It’ll only be a matter of time before Fiddlesticks enters the PBE. It’s unknown how powerful he is in the game, and we can’t wait to see how his new abilities have changed his role in League of Legends. Till then, we’ll be eagerly waiting.

Have a look at his official rework gameplay trailer from Riot Games.

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