FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup mode available now

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup mode available now
fifa 14 ultimate team world cup
World Cup glory (possibly) awaits.

EA Sports has announced that the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team World Cup mode is now available. The free update was delayed yesterday, with a late update promising more information today. No need to keep refreshing their forums any more, because it’s now here.

If you’re on PC, Origin should download a 600mb-ish update to FIFA 14. After that’s complete, you should be able to load up and find out what kind of mish-mash of World Cup players you have to work with.

FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team World Cup mode is a stand-alone version of the absurdly popular Ultimate Team mode, which incorporates all 32 nations taking part in this year’s tournament.

You’ll be able to play in the Maracana, and EA has added a few bits of pageantry like flags and ticker-tape to make things look a bit more World Cup-ey. Both single and multiplayer modes will be an option, as in regular FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, with the World Cup tournament format.

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