As we now know, FIFA 15‘s PR buzzphrase of the moment is EMOTION, so let’s try to figure out what kind of turmoil is going on inside the minds of the players in these new screenshots. These are labelled as Xbox One screenshots, but I’d imagine FIFA 15 will look basically the same across the board.

First, let’s peer inside the head of US international and Seattle Sounders player Clint Dempsey.

fifa 15 (4)

Here he is, looking super stern. He’s thinking “grr, I wish that sexy free kick routine had come off against Belgium in extra time.” Don’t dwell on it, Clint, you’ll just torture yourself.

fifa 15 (1)

He looks happier here in his Sounders kit, but also a bit detached. Like he’s thinking about some laundry he has to do later.

fifa 15 (3)

Messi, meanwhile, is still thinking about that great chance he missed in the World Cup final. It’s okay Messi, you’ll still get another shot at it in four years time. Just keep your head down and play some nice passes for Barca.

fifa 15 (2)

Speaking of missing easy chances in a World Cup final, here’s Gonzalo Higuain. Maybe it’s just me, but the facial resemblance isn’t all that great in this case. I mean it kind of looks like him … anyway, Gonzalo is wondering whether these yellow boots make him look silly.

fifa 15 (5)

Lots of EMOTIONS happening here. Manchester City are clearly upset about letting that goal in. It’s okay Manchester City, you’re still richer than god.

fifa 15 (6)

In this last shot, Schalke are playing Bayer Leverkusen. A pair of teams with ’04’ in their name, thanks to former financial woes. Maybe they’re worrying about money. Or just jostling for the ball.

FIFA 15 is coming to the PC in late September. It’ll be using the same engine as the Xbox One/PS4 versions this time.

Peter Parrish

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