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It’s always handy to know which youth players are going to accelerate through the ratings, so EA have put together a list of the most promising talent in FIFA 17. Since Career Mode now has new board expectations around youth team developments and smart transfers, this may prove especially useful.

Calling these players ‘Hidden Gems’ is a stretch, since most football fans will recognise a lot of these names, but it’s a helpful reference to have if you’re planning to build a team around (expensive) youngsters. The top five are Tottenham’s Dele Alli (Potential 90, Growth 10), Ousmane Dembélé from Dortmund (Potential 90, Growth 13), Renato Sanches of Bayern Munich fame (Potential 90, Growth 12), Anthony Martial from Man Utd (Potential 90, Growth 8), and Marco Asensio of Real Madrid (Potential 89, Growth 8).

The full table/list seems quite resistant to being copy and pasted, but here it is in a more easily readable form than on EA’s page. FIFA 17 will be out on 27 September (US) and 29 September (Europe). A demo is expected on 13 September.

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