Fight to survive: Undead Labs detail State of Decay sandbox mode

State of Decay

Undead Labs has released more details on the Sandbox DLC that’s proposed for their zombie survival title State of Decay which will be coming to the PC before the end of the year.

The sandbox mode is being designed to test players’ survival skills pushing them to the edge and deeper into infested territory.

If your supplies run out what do you do? Move on to the next town of course, there’s bound to be loads of goodies to fend off the zombie attacks there. The problem is, if there’s supplies, then the population is likely to have been wiped out and the new town is full of zombies.

Undead Labs has outlined the way they want this to work. Clean out a town then move on and find a new place to survive but only if the RV that can transport players to the next location can be fixed, and there’s enough room for your survival buddies. Leaving the now barren town, players will be presented with a loading screen and arrive at a new location on the same map. The houses will be unscavenged but the place will be packed with undead.

The zombies will be trying to stop you leaving the locations as the pressure builds to formulate an escape plan and get the vehicle started. And what will you take with you as move on? Weapons? Medical supplies? There’s only so much room in that RV.

Undead Labs want to test players in the following way…

Basically, you can survive as long as you want to in the zombie apocalypse, and you’ll never run out of resources…as long as you’re willing to move to places that kill everyone else who tries to move there.

As the world decays, and as supplies are gobbled up, you have to keep moving deeper into the most infected areas, facing bigger crowds of deadlier zombies, for as long as you can handle the challenge.

That is what we want to simulate with our Sandbox DLC — moving towards the danger, and stepping up your game, because in the long run, that is the only way to stay alive.

Further details on the sandbox will be released soon including information on achievements, unlocakables and leaderboards.

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