May 25th, 2017

Final Fantasy XIII Not An RPG, Says BioWare Man

BioWare’s writing director Daniel Erickson has stated that Final Fantasy XIII is not an RPG.When Strategy Informer discussed the importance of story with the BioWare man, they segued onto a discussion about the importance of gameplay in addition to story, with reference to Final Fantasy XIII.“Well, before I address the main point I just want to take a slightly more controversial route,” said Erickson. “You can put a ‘J’ in front of it, but it’s not an RPG.””You don’t make any choices, you don’t create a character, you don’t live your character… I don’t know what those are – adventure games maybe? But they’re not RPGs.”We were a little saddened by Final Fantasy XIII, reckoning that fast-paced combat and a good story couldn’t save it from poor pacing and disappointing linearity.

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