September 5th, 2017

Final Fantasy XIV anniversary celebrations include free log-ins


Lapsed Final Fantasy XIV players can spend the next week reintroducing themselves to addiction thanks to the anniversary celebrations.

Final Fantasy XIV is one year old on 27 August, and there are a whole host of celebrations planned for this momentous occasion. One of the most prominent is that lapsed players – those who’ve bought the game and registered an account which is now inactive – can log in, for free, between now and 1 September.

So what else is there? Well, there’ll be an in-game event called The Rising which will remember those who fell in the Calamity. From 28 August through to the close of The Rising on 8 September, players can purchase in-game commemorative gifts and items, and will also receive the “Huzzah” emote.

Moonfire Faire is currently going on and will end on 8 September. Messages from the developers will be posted daily from 27 August onwards. “Tales from the Calamity” will bring five short stories on the game’s website, each of which will look at the events of that day from a different perspective. Finally, there’ll be a 14-hour developer livestream tomorrow (23 August) running from 3am GMT to 5pm GMT, which will include the 17th Letter from the Producer, special guests, tips and tricks, “atma challenge”, and more.

In short, Square Enix would like you to try out Final Fantasy XIV again if you’ve given up on it. If you haven’t, they want you to watch the livestream and partake in the in-game events. Hooray!

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