April 20th, 2017

First blood: Rambo: The Video Game gets reveal trailer

First blood: Rambo: The Video Game gets reveal trailer


Have you been eagerly awaiting Rambo: The Video Game? If so, then we have a treat for you: a reveal trailer was released earlier today.

Also… you’ve really been eagerly anticipating this? Man. It really does take all kinds. Still, even if you haven’t been eagerly awaiting it, you should probably watch this trailer anyway: it’s really rather entertaining, although perhaps not for the right reasons.

The trailer contains lots of slightly wonky animation and iffy textures (and explosions and improbable arterial sprays, obviously) but considering the above screenshot looks quite a bit better, I’m hoping that’s just down to compression. I can’t say this looks particularly amazing, but who knows? If it goes for a stealth-action combination and does it half as well as the Riddick games, this might end up being a pleasant surprise.

I wouldn’t actually count on that, of course.

Trailer below. Game out this winter.

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