NCSoft has released the first trailer for Guild Wars 2. The five minute trailer details the events leading up to the story of Guild Wars 2 and reveals how the continent of Tyria has been changed by the resurfacing of dragons, who had lain dormant for millennia.Fans of the series will be salivating over the lush new visuals on display in the trailer and we see a number of environments from the game from snow-covered peaks to lush green forests.In a FAQ released alongside the video, NCSoft and ArenaNet reveal that the game will be released “[w]hen it’s finished” and that, like its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 will not charge a subscription fee. It has also been confirmed that the game will feature the following non-human playable races:Charr – The conquerors of Ascalon, the charr are ferocious, warmongering creatures—the intractable foes of humanity. Now, as greater dangers threaten their conquests, the charr legions and their war machines prepare for war.Norn – The norn are half-giant brawlers from the frigid northern lands who can shape shift into mighty bestial forms. Driven from their homeland by a force beyond reckoning, the norn have regrouped among the dwarven ruins of the Shiverpeaks.Asura – The asura, who once ruled the caverns and tunnels below Tyria, are an advanced race of small size and great intellect. Now that they have risen from below, the asura aim to rule the surface world with their powerful golems and ingenious plans.Sylvari – Not much is known of the sylvari, save that they are a race of sentient plant-beings, newly blossomed into the world. The sylvari are the youngest of the races, bound together by a common dream and awesome power

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