First Round Testing for HoN Matchmaking Beta Over

Heroes of Newerths recent patch 2.0 was released without the much awaited Matchmaking system, something which is sorely needed.
The first test run of the matchmaking has just completed. It was up for just one hour, but it might as well have been the best hour for HoN fans as the team and solo matchmaking was in place.
The mode selection and team setup screen are well designed and straight forward allowing games to start within seconds of you pressing ready.
Very quickly the EU servers overloaded and stopped creating games due to the sheer amount of traffic. Something which I’m sure is going to be addressed by S2 now the test is over.
Coins and experience were earnt and the way you get all of this is very clearly labled. Good job S2, this is a massive step forward to usability.
I think I speak for the whole community when I say the only thing bad about this test was the fact it was only an hour, which makes me a sad Pandamonium.

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