First Thief 4 Screen Is Appropriately Blurry

Thief’s anti-hero Garrett is an enigmatic fellow who doesn’t like to advertise himself too much, so it seems appropriate that the first Thief 4 image released by Eidos Montreal is blurry, indistinct and at a distance.
Trying to figure out what’s going on in this image is kind of like trying to identify Bigfoot from grainy, shakeycam footage, but let’s have a look at it:

Most obvious; that looks like a third-person perspective. Thief 3 introduced that viewpoint (to much upset from purists,) but then made it entirely optional and basically did nothing with it. Indeed, its main purpose seemed to be providing an alternative view for press shots. This may be the case for Thief 4, too. Or it might not. Speculation is fun.
Second; is that a bow he’s holding there? Or has Garrett taken up fishing?
You can view the full, uncropped image here, but it’s not exactly any more revealing (except you get a better look at the guy holding a stopwatch for mysterious reasons.)
Hopefully when Deus Ex: Human Revolution finally sees release, Eidos Montreal will be more forthcoming about the next in the Thief series.

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