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Next on the list of Screens Wot Ubisoft Sent Us come these five shots of Rainbow Six: Siege. And they’re massive. I don’t mean in terms of resolution; I mean that each of these was originally a 70mb PNG file. I don’t actually know how that’s even possible. I mean, the resolution is pretty high, but 70mb? Get out.

Ahem. These five screens show a mix of rather pretty shots; you’ve got close-ups of men with guns, dramatic angles of men with guns, some men with guns rappelling and attaching explosives to a boarded-up window, and a massive, room-expanding explosion.

Rainbow Six: Siege was Ubi’s surprise announcement of last night. Details are still pretty scarce, but what’s been shown is a 5v5 multiplayer affair with one team barricading and defending a building, while Team Rainbow (or whoever) attempt to assault it. Set-up phases and complete environmental destruction mean that rounds should differ every time – different areas will be defended, different walls will get blown open, and the assault teams will take different entry points.

Of course, there’s also a horrible surprise of some sort. In this case, it’s that the engine powering it is called Realblast. Yes, Realblast.

Rainbow Six: Siege is due out in 2015.

Tim McDonald
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