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Flashback 2 stood out as one of the more interesting announcements to come out of this month’s Summer Game Fest. As the name implies, it serves as the first true sequel to 1992’s classic cinematic platform game Flashback. Notably, this announcement came a whopping 30 years after the original game’s release. With this in mind, many players will likely want to familiarize themselves with this renowned classic before jumping into the sequel, which will come out sometime this winter. Thankfully, online storefront GOG has you covered, as the website currently has a free giveaway of the original Flashback that will last until June 23 at 9 AM ET.

For those curious about the game’s premise, Flashback stars Conrad B. Hart, a young scientist who finds himself on the colonized moon of Titan. Not only does Conrad suffer from amnesia, but he also has to contend with a whole host of “enemies and kidnappers” that wait around every corner. Conrad somehow has to overcome these steep odds to make his way back to Earth while uncovering “an insidious extra-terrestrial plot” along the way.


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GOG’s free offer specifically applies to the 2018 re-release of Flashback. Those who take advantage of the giveaway can mess around with some extra features not found in the original version. This re-release contains optional tutorials, two extra cutscenes, a level select option, gallery images, a jukebox, and a modern mode that boasts enhanced visuals and sound. You can even change the color of Conrad’s shirt if you really want to, although only two color options are available.

A free offer of one of the most renowned games out there does not come often, so curious players should definitely consider jumping in and claiming Flashback before the cutoff date. Doing so should prepare you sufficiently enough for the sequel, although it should be a worthwhile deal even without that context.

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