People are probably used to being ‘bad’ in Magicka by now. After all, it’s a co-op game in which you can ‘accidentally’ electricute your companions and set them on fire. In this upcoming expansion, dubbed ‘The Other Side of the Coin’, being evil is now officially sanctioned behaviour.
You’ll play as Alucart the vampire and/or his henchmen pals the necromancers, as you try to sow even more mistrust and chaos between the elves, dwarves and humans. Hurrah!
Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin will set you back $5.00 USD when it’s released on 14 June. If it’s anything like the previous Magicka expansions, only the player hosting the co-op session will need to own the DLC for everyone else to play it.
Here’s how it’ll look in action.

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