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Something big is getting cooked up for PAX East 2020 next week, and Focus Home Interactive can’t wait to show gamers what it is. The company recently announced that it will pair up with Blackbird Interactive on a new project, with a reveal taking place during the show. For those unfamiliar with that particular group, they worked on Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, and they are working on Homeworld 3 with Gearbox.

But don’t expect a big sequel or anything like that. Focus Home Interactive made it clear that the game is an original IP. It will combine the publisher’s “love of innovative, new experiences with Blackbird Interactive’s deep knowledge and enjoyment of the sci-fi setting.”

A match made in heaven?

Blackbird Interactive CEO and founder Rob Cunningham expressed excitement in working with Focus Home Interactive. He said that the publisher is “a perfect fit to help deliver” the team’s latest project. Its focus on creating “high-quality original titles” is a plus, as it “completely embraced the new world (Blackbird) are crafting.”

Focus returned the niceties, with chief operating officer John Bert expressing equal gratitude. Having the team on board is a big plus as the Focus Home continues to “invest in new and innovative games.” PAX East 2020 is a great place to host the premiere, whatever it may be.

Whether it’ll have that Homeworld style of play, or perhaps something completely different, is yet to be determined. However, whatever the announcement has in store, fans are sure to be excited for it. That won’t deter from the company’s work on Homeworld 3 either. You can have a look at that game’s trailer below, to get an idea of what BlackBird Interactive is capable of.

Those interested in learning more about Homeworld 3 can check out its official page on Fig. It doesn’t currently have a release date at the moment.

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