Foothill Falls Chest Puzzle Solution At Abandoned Shack In Jedi Survivor Hot To Get

Foothill Falls chest puzzle solution at Abandoned Shack in Jedi: Survivor

Going up and then back down.

You’ll come across many Rumors and side missions while exploring Koboh, and these often end with a reward such as customization options or upgrades for Cal. One side mission titled “Investigate the Abandoned Shack” becomes available in Jedi: Survivor after you unlock the Foothill Falls location, and finding the solution for opening the chest is a bit of a puzzle.

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Cal must acquire the mission from a prospector at the central town in Koboh where Greez’s cantina is located at. They hang out in front of the stables at the building pictured below. Once you get the mission from them, use the quest indicator on your map and head to Foothill Falls.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Foothill Falls Chest Puzzle Solution Abandoned Shack

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You’ll find the Abandoned Shack in question across the chasm. You’ll need to glide across to the landing during your first visit to the area, but you can create a shortcut to the landing for faster access in the future. Keep in mind there are three pike-wielding Bedlam Raiders hanging out at the Abandoned Shack.

If you look around the building, you’ll notice it’s possible to rip panels off with Force powers. You might spy the gold chest inside. These chests upgrade Cal’s stim-cannister capacity, which is invaluable for higher difficulties or just reducing your reliance on Resting. Accessing the chest is the problem though.

You’ll  need to melt/blow up the metal door to access the back room in the Abandoned Shack. This is done with one of the mind droids, and you should be familiar with this method already from earlier parts of the game. You’ll need to lure the droid near the door and then pick it up and throw the mine droid at it.

You must use BD to spawn a mine droid from a nearby panel. However, the location of the panel is not easy to access without the right abilities.

Foothill Falls Chest Puzzle Solution At Abandoned Shack In Jedi Survivor

Image by PC Invasion

Jedi: Survivor Foothill Falls chest puzzle solutions

The extended Grapple Hook method is the easiest way, because you simply need to latch onto the hovering balloon and leap to the platform after gaining height. Alternately, you can use the Dash Jump ability to leap from the roof of the Abandoned Shack to the nearby metal wall and wall-run then follow the path to reach the panel.

These methods will not work for you though if you lack the required abilities. Therefore, you can use a third and more creative method to get up to the landing. If you look back at the chasm and follow it to the right, you’ll find a path down to a cave where a Nekko mount stands. Tame and ride the mount up to the Abandoned Shack and then jump from the mount into the wall-run.

Once you reach the panel and activate the mine droid, make it follow you near the ledge and then use Pull to grab it. You can actually aim your Push to throw it through the open hole in the roof and the mine droid will arc down into the door and explode. Jump down into the Abandoned Shack and claim your prize from the chest.

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