Three Fields Entertainment, a studio formed by former Criterion employees, appear to be working on a game inspired by both the Burnout series and Black. Both, of course, synonymous with the Criterion name.

Here’s a series of tweets from Three Fields founder Alex Ward, describing what they’ve been up to:

That’s about all there is to go on so far (the Three Fields site itself hasn’t even announced the game yet). Judging by the latest activities on the company’s main twitter feed, though, they are gearing up for a reveal of some kind.

Some further clues can be found on the company site, though. Under their ‘Our Games’ section, they say this first title “isn’t a driving or racing game” and instead will be “an innovative new twist on a sports game that’s fast, funny and heavy on social multiplayer”.

So, the soul of Burnout, the explosions from Black, some silliness, and the Unreal 4 engine. Not a bad mix, there. References to “powerful hardware” suggest that whatever this is, it’ll be coming to the PC – but that (like much else) isn’t confirmed.

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