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EVE: Valkyrie
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Former DICE dev joins CCP as exec producer on EVE: Valkyrie

EVE Valkyrie - 1

CCP have announced that former DICE chap Owen O’Brien has joined the company as the executive producer on EVE: Valkyrie.

In case you forgot, EVE: Valkyrie is the first-person dogfighting game set in the EVE Online universe, with a heavy emphasis on using VR technology to create TRUE IMMERSION. Or possibly to make you throw up when you do a barrel roll at near lightspeed. One or the other.

He actually seems like a pretty good fit, too – at DICE, O’Brien led the production of Mirror’s Edge, a game which is pretty well known for creating a very physical first-person experience. I’m curious to see what he’ll manage with VR.

EVE: Valkyrie is due out in 2014, and you can have a look at some screenshots and a trailer here.