April 23rd, 2017

Forward clanning: MechWarrior Online 1.0 date revealed

MechWarrior Online

Piranha Games have revealed that version 1.0 of MechWarrior Online will hit the internet on 17 September. Does this signal the end of the open beta, as the free-to-play game shifts to launch? Possibly!

In celebration of this, they’ve also released a bunch of fascinating statistics which make me wish they’d done an infographic. Maybe I’ll make one later, if I get time.

Let’s see: people have spent 9.6 million hours (1100 years) playing MechWarrior Online so far. 46,941,487 Mechs have been destroyed, apparently equating to around three billion tons of metal, or 8,359 Empire State Buildings. These’d reach the moon and back 1,221 times, and cost a whopping 18,316,519,465 C-Bills.

The playerbase themselves have earned 10.1 trillion C-Bills (10,100,000,000,000, presumably), fired 12,623,214,618 missiles, and blasted out 2,451,270,519 lasers – the latter of which is enough energy to power 87 million homes for a month.

All of which seems like a roundabout way of pointing out that, were Mechs real, the economy and the planet would be even more in the shit than they are now.

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