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A cleaning simulator? Don’t we already have one of those? Powerwash Simulator is great and all, but this isn’t actually the same exact kind of game. Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator does aim for a similar kind of relaxing cleaning loop, but it’s more about restoring nature. The game is currently about 75% done and is aiming to leave Early Access in just a few months. As of now, there are five levels, with at least a couple more on the way. The game doesn’t have long to go but the question stands — is Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator worth it in Early Access?

Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator‘s premise couldn’t be simpler. It drops you into maps that are covered in piles of trash and plenty of dead plants, such as trees and flowers. Armed with a hose that doubles as a vacuum, you’re meant to restore nature to the area. You’ll also have to complete a set of objectives before you can move on. Your hose is connected to a water tank and is apparently magic, as it can restore plants just by spraying them. Most plants require three stages of watering before they’ll return to their former glory.


Getting rid of the trash piles also relies on you spraying water. The piles decrease in size as you spray them until they leave a small amount of garbage that you can suck up with the vacuum function. Your tank will run out of water eventually, but all you need to do is find a water source and vacuum some more. It’s a simple, repetitive loop, but it’s both relaxing and satisfying, so I’m having a good time with it. You can recycle and of the trash you’ve sucked  via the recycling devices you find in the levels.

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Back to the pile

Recycling trash and restoring plants gives you experience, and once you’ve restored a certain percentage of nature, you can trigger a few little events where the local animals return, which grants you even more experience. With this experience in hand, you can buy upgrades on your skill tree. By the end of the second level, I’d already maxed out how quickly the hose sprays water and the size of my water tank. Suffice to say, Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator‘s skill trees are pretty quick to get through. You can also upgrade your sprint speed and vacuum power, and get yourself devices that automatically spray water or suck up trash if you don’t feel like doing those things manually.Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator Worth It 3

Tasks in the levels themselves vary. The first level tasks you with repairing a train station, so you have to fix up buildings by finding glowing objects and using other objects to repair various aspects tied to running the train, such as replacing damaged cables. The second level sees you open a gate to free some whales. It’s all very peaceful and cute. Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator is going to be quite short when all is said and done, but it’s also only $10 USD and, honestly, I think it’s worth it. But I enjoy cleaning up. Your mileage may vary.

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