From Dust’s PC launch is not going particularly smoothly. After Ubisoft assured everyone earlier this month that the port would only require a one-time online activation, it seems this is not accurate.
In fact, it’s being reported that Ubisoft’s game launcher for the title (that’ll pop up even if you try to run From Dust through Steam’s offline mode) will not allow you to play unless it can find an internet connection. This contradicts what people were told prior to the game’s launch, and some have reported being able to get a refund through Steam.
Aside from the misleading information surrounding the DRM system, it’s also emerging that the port is missing fairly basic PC-staples like options for anti-aliasing. In addition, the game is capped at 30 frames per second.
This is unfortunate news, as I’d hoped that a PC release would be able to fix a couple of the problems I encountered with From Dust when reviewing the Xbox 360 version. It seems that, far from being the definitive release I’d hoped for, the PC version may (yet again) be one to avoid.

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