Frontier remove all credits from Elite Dangerous “Billionaires”

It’s all hands on deck at Frontier as this latest dev update for Elite Dangerous tackles more of the database “hiccup”.

More fixes have been deployed on the Elite Dangerous servers today as Frontier head towards a v1.4 release some time this week. According to Frontier things seem “stable” and “happy” on the servers now.

More details on how the game was affected by the database problems have now surfaced, and according to Frontier, it was the tools they use to “rectify commanders and their saves” that caused the problem. These tools have now been fixed.

The most important update for anyone who found they were suddenly billionaires during the database problems is that Frontier has decided to remove all credits, assets and gains these commanders may have received. The decision comes after the community showed concern over how this might affect the “integrity of the game and the wider galaxy”. Originally Frontier were to give players the choice of whether to keep the cash or not.

Finally on to exploits which were uncovered and have now been fixed. Any credit or assets gained with these credit advantage “exploits” will be removed from commanders. In light of this, Frontier has also decided to update their code of conduct so players understand what is considered naughty behaviour.

Frontier sounds like they are at the end of sorting out all these problems following the 1 January database issuesand they can now move on to getting that server status page sorted out and also release v1.04.

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