Fun Stuff: Gaming Historian Explains The Atari Landfill ‘myth’ Was Never A Myth

OK, so we all know the story that Atari ‘apparently’ (huge rabbit ears here) threw all their ET carts in a landfill in Alamagordo, NM because they couldn’t sell them, right?

What if I told you it was never a myth at all?

Let Gaming Historian, AKA Norman Caruso, explain the details:

If you really couldn’t watch that video, for whatever reason, the main thing is that the Atari landfill myth was never a myth. Atari confirmed that they made the landfill to the press. The real myth is that it was just to dump ET carts, when it fact it was a choice prompted by the closure of their factory in the same city.

You can get more Gaming Historian from RetrowareTV (YouTube and Blip videos alike), and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

Image from Major Nelson’s Atari Dig Photostream in Flickr.

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