Fun Stuff: Youtuber Creates Lego: The Last Of Us Video Game

Remember that awesome LEGO: Breaking Bad video game footage we saw hit the internet a few months ago? Well, it seems like the creator, Brian Anderson has not been idle in the months since its release. Continue reading to see his latest creation.

The YouTuber and animator has now created a Lego version of the hit survival horror game, The Last of Us which was released late last year. You may be thinking that The Last of Us was too gritty and serious to translate well into Lego but the result is every bit as funny and adorable as the Breaking Bad one. There’s also a great twist at the end but I won’t spoil it for you.

Here’s The Last of Us vid:

And in case you missed it here’s the Breaking Bad one:

I should point out that whilst these are awesome vids, the games themselves do not actually exist and never will unless Lego decides to create them (which they totally should!). You can check out Brian Anderson’s YouTube page here.

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