While talking to IncGamers, Ragnar Tørnquist, the game director for Funcom’s upcoming MMO The Secret World, revealed that the console version of the game is on hold while the company concentrates on the PC game. Funcom billed the game as a PC and Xbox 360 title when it was announced, but there’s been no news on the console version since then. We asked if it was still going ahead, considering how many MMOs ever make it to console. The reply was probably good news for those of us looking forward to TSW on PC, and not entirely bad for console players, he even hinted that other platforms may be included at some point: “The development team is currently focusing one hundred percent on the PC version.” said Tørnquist, but continued “We do feel that The Secret World is uniquely tailored for a transition to consoles, but we’re taking a cautious approach to the market. The console version – or versions – would also be tailored specifically to those platforms; they wouldn’t just be direct ports.” While that does sound positive, we’ll point out that Funcom’s other MMO, Age of Conan, was also meant to be released on the Xbox 360 – two years later and we’re still waiting for news on that. Realtime Worlds also said something very similar about its upcoming MMO, All Points Bulletin, this week when asked about its Xbox 360 version. As with TSW, the APB team is working solely on the PC game right now, and stated that a console version would have to be made specifically for a certain platform, it wouldn’t just be a port.

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