David Perry, CEO and co-founder of Gaikai, posted a photo that is likely to tease World of Warcraft fans around the world. David is seen in this photo holding an iPad with the World of Warcraft login screen.

Many have dreamed of bringing the game to their day to day activities without the need of sitting in front of a computer to do so. The big screen of the iPad certainly beats any small screen mobile device, and makes it ideal for taking World of Warcraft literally in your hands, on the go, using the revolutionary Cloud technology.”Was walking through the office, saw this, thought you’d like to see … Soon I’ll be able to play WOW with my Cornflakes!” — said David Perry.Now that’s a funny statement. Imagine you are raiding, and suddenly you have the urge to go to the bathroom for 5 minutes: Nature calls — and that’s not a night elf druid or dryad quote, it’s a real life matter.”We are not in competition with any other streaming company or technology, our business model is entirely different,” Perry took to the comments on his blog to clarify that “people do not come to us to play games, they play the games right on the publisher’s site. The publisher uses our technology to make it all possible. So from wherever you click, you end up on the publisher’s site with the latest version of the game.” — said Perry in January at his blog. (link via Shacknews)If Blizzard Entertainment obtained the license from Gaikai to acquire this technology for their servers, then you no longer need to type /brb afk 5 min.  Grab the iPad, turn it on, sit at the throne hassle-free, and continue your sinister strike and slice and dice combo on Lady Deathwhisper with barely any interruptions.The only setback of Gaikai at this point will probably be that your raid leader or PUG leader might say: “No Vent, no iPad w/ Gaikai, no loot”. This service is surely going to save a lot of Icecrown Citadel raiding downtime. “We’re really interested to see what works well with streaming and will be trying just about every genre of game, on every device possible as we explore server-side computing.” stated Perry. “This is World of Warcraft streamed from a Gaikai server over regular Wifi.”

Gaikai is developing a cutting-edge video game streaming technology that allows any PC game or application to run in any browser with just one click.

The iPad comes with the Safari browser, allowing Gaikai to stream games into the iPad without any plugin or file installation.

“Gaikai takes a radical new approach – we host the games, we run them, we worry about hardware and software updates, and we stream them to you. Full resolution, full speed, stereo sound, low lag, no compromise. The only thing you need is a browser and an internet connection.”

Gaikai calls this service Streaming Worlds.

The future of gaming looks promising with all these innovations that take you outside the boundaries of your PC or Mac to perform daily tasks when you aren’t home, or at the office. Cloud is not only to play games, but for business matters too, helping you maximize your time management, efficiency and productivity from the flexibility of mobile devices like the iPad.You can see World of Warcraft gameplay on a Firefox browser using Cloud in the video below at 06:00. 

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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