Star Trek

Paramount Pictures has broadcast more ‘Making of Star Trek the videogame’ footage to the galaxy (ok, fine, I just mean they put it on youtube.)

This time, it’s about expanding the role of those pesky lizard-folk The Gorn. They were a single episode villain from the original series, but gained popularity thanks to this amazing fight scene (which even popped up in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.)

In the Star Trek videogame, The Gorn seem slightly more dangerous than a chap in a ropey costume. They now have different types of warrior (chargers, those who can go invisible) and a plan to take over the galaxy. Or maybe the universe. They definitely want to take over something – which inevitably means only Kirk and Spock can stop them.

This game bridges the time gap between JJ Abrams first Star Trek film and its forthcoming sequel. It’s due for release in April.

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