The Of Pen & Paper series will continue this year, into the yawning void of space, thanks to Galaxy of Pen & Paper. Just announced by Behold Studios (with Paradox on publishing duties again), the next self-referential take on tabletop RPGs will be heading to the stars.

    This time you’ll be assembling a group of sci-fi party members (a bit like Traveller, maybe), and heading out for ADVENTURE and no doubt space-riches too. Galaxy of Pen & Paper will have a whole new combat system, space battles, planetary exploration, and plenty of bickering with the Dungeon Master (or Space Master in this case, perhaps) too.

    Here’s a hype trailer with some synth tunes and horses. No release date more specific than “2017” as yet, but that’ll no doubt come in due course.

    Peter Parrish

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