GameFly, the US-based videogame rental service, is expanding into PC sales with the launch of its new digital download client. The service launches with a library of 1,500 PC and Mac games to “pre-order, buy and download”. If you happen to be a GameFly member already (something that seems to only be possible in the US), the client also contains a number of free games for you to download.

“To celebrate the launch of the client, we’re excited to partner with 2K Games to give away their highly acclaimed PC game Bioshock for free,” says GameFly’s co-founder Sean Spector.

If you fancy a freebie Bioshock (the news announcement gives the impression this one is free to non-members too), or trying out the client, you can grab it here. If you’re already a GameFly member, it might be worth having a look at the “hundreds” of PC games you may already be able to play for free through the platform.

Peter Parrish

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