10-minute gameplay video of Tears of the Kingdom to be aired tomorrow

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So far, one of the most notable aspects of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is how little we know about it. Despite its status as one of this year’s biggest releases, Tears of the Kingdom has only received a handful of trailers that highlight small bits and pieces about the game. Aside from some story cinematics and a few gameplay clips, Zelda fans still don’t have much to go off of. But now, with less than two months to go, this may finally change, as Nintendo just announced an upcoming 10-minute gameplay showcase for Tears of the Kingdom.

The official Nintendo of America Twitter account revealed the existence of this showcase, which will air tomorrow March 28 at 7 a.m. PT. Fans can tune in to the showcase live on Nintendo of America’s official YouTube channel. The video will feature Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma as he takes fans through the game’s expanded take on Breath of the Wild’s massive world. Notably, this single showcase will last longer than all of the game’s previous trailers combined.

How did fans feel beforehand?

The unusual nature of Tears of the Kingdom’s pre-release marketing has naturally led to some conflicting opinions and debates amongst fans. Some enjoy the relatively sparse marketing and the sense of mystery it lends to the game. Others, however, have feared that it signals a lack of confidence in the game, for one reason or another. These fans have wondered if Tears of the Kingdom can offer a truly unique experience from Breath of the Wild and avoid feeling like a retread.

Ultimately, though, fans will have to see if tomorrow’s gameplay demo for Tears of the Kingdom will answer any questions they may have. Hopefully, more fans will come away feeling positive after Nintendo finally reveals what it has up its sleeve tomorrow.

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