Robert Bowling’s GamePump, a service which intended to dig up some quality older games and publish them for the first time on PC, has shut down. Two months after launch, the service is ceasing. Everybody who subscribed will be getting a full refund.

    In an announcement on the GamePump site, Bowling indicates that legal negotiations over potential back catalog games didn’t go their way. “We had a few great games we could republish to Steam, but when I evaluated the final slate of games that our subscribers would be getting, I felt we were not living up to the standard I had for the service,” he writes.

    As well as a full refund, subscribers will be getting the proposed January and February games for free as soon as they appear on Steam. According to Bowling that should be within the next couple of weeks. That’s Bowling’s “thank you” for those who supported “this risky and experimental attempt at archiving our favorite and forgotten games of the past”.

    The unnamed games the company did secure for release will still see the light of day, but as standard releases on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store in the coming months.

    Peter Parrish

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