However, not everyone prefers the 3D experience.
Research presented at the 3D Gaming Summit earlier today suggests that gamers are the most important market segment when it comes to increasing sales of 3D televisions.
In one of the most obvious findings in recent history, research firm Interpret presented data that showed gamers prefer to play 3D games on a large 3D television. Apparently, this translates to gamers displaying near-double the interest in purchasing a 3D set that non-gamers.
According to Interpret, satisfaction among people that have experienced 3D in any form (film, TV, games etc) is very high. However, Interpet’s survey also showed that most gamers had yet to try a 3D game, despite being aware and interested in the technology.
Those that had tried it were decidely split on its impact on the experience of playing the game: 28% saying it had a negative affect on gameplay, 20% saying it represented an improvement over 2D.
Image sourced from Killzone 3.
Killzone 3, along with Gran Turismo 5, Mortal Kombat, MotorStrom: Apocalypse and Resistance 3 are among recent 3D games releases. Near-future releases include Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, The Last Guardian and Uncharted 3.
Source: Variety

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