A few more details on R.U.S.E., Ubisoft’s new RTS that’s hopefully going to break some new ground in the genre, have popped up at the GDC.The game was demoed, showing enemy and allied units, with allied tanks tasked with destroying the enemy anti-air units.Doing this would attract the attention of the nearby enemy tanks, however, which was not the desired effect. The answer was to use one of the titular ruses to make the allied tanks invisible.This was one of the two ruses available in the demo, with Ubisoft claiming that the full version will feature ten.Eurogamer are also reporting that the game will map a billion polygons, and this is made possible through clever use of multi-threading on multi-core processors.The map, on the other hand, is looking a bit Supreme Commander, with players able to zoom right out to see the map spread out on a table, or zoom right in to track a torpedo heading towards its target. “No other game can achieve this mix of huge scale and high level of detail,” says Ubisoft.

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