Genshin Impact As The Courtyard In Spring Once Appeared Guide

There’s a new quest in Genshin Impact called As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared. It gives you more insights into Kazuha’s past and what caused him to leave Inazuma in the first place. There are also a lot of puzzles involving contraptions that you’ll need to solve. Here’s our Genshin Impact As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared guide to help you with the puzzles and Kazuha’s past.

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Genshin Impact As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared guide (Summertime Odyssey)

As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared becomes available in Genshin Impact on the second day of the Summertime Odyssey mega event. That means gaining access to the Golden Apple Archipelago first. However, I’m not sure if this next stage would become available immediately after completing the previous tasks or if you need to wait for a full daily reset.

Anyway, once you go back to the initial island, your companions will notice a couple of odd stuff happening, such as a talking boat and squirrel. Even weirder is that the islands have begun to shift, showing strange illusions in the distance.

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When you’re ready, ride the Waverider to the marked location (you could also fast travel to it if you’ve tagged the teleporter beforehand). Once on that small island, you’ll see a bonsai pot. Kazuha will remark that it’s from his family’s home, and you’ll spawn inside an old house that’s akin to a maze.

In any case, you can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

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