Genshin Impact The Great Gathering Guide Midpoint Interception Challenge

Genshin Impact The Great Gathering guide – Midpoint Interception

Midpoint Interception challenges are also part of The Great Gathering in Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite 2022 event. This one is all about destroying a Treasure Hoarder balloon by using the Waverider and other environmental hazards.


Midpoint Interception I and Midpoint Interception II

To clear these objectives with a high score (preferably 3,000 points), you’ll need to destroy the balloon at the fastest time possible. Here are the things you should consider:

  • The Waverider’s normal cannon shot (left click) only does measly damage.
  • The power shot (“E”) deals around 90,000 damage, but it has a long charge time.
  • The balloon will pass by sections with several explosive barrels. You can use your normal shot to cause a chain reaction that’ll hit the balloon thrice. If it’s off-cooldown, you can use the power shot as well.

Genshin Impact The Great Gathering Guide Midpoint Interception Challenge 2a

Be forewarned, however,  that targeting is a bit iffy. There are times when your cannon would continue hitting the balloon instead of the explosive barrels. As such, it’s better to have the barrels between your Waverider and your target. When it gets close enough, shoot the barrels so that it gets caught in the explosion’s radius.

Likewise, you should see coins and Treasure Hoarders nearby. As far as I can tell, these don’t actually matter. The coins just guide your path, and the Treasure Hoarders are there to annoy you by damaging the Waverider a bit. You can take out your foes if you want, but always pay attention to where the balloon is going. Lastly, the second Midpoint Interception challenge has several wooden barriers, but you can always make barrels go boom to clear a path.

As usual, check the event details panel when you’re done. You should receive primogems, mora, Hero’s Wit, ores, and Immaculate Talismans. The Immaculate Talisman currency is used in the event shop for rewards, though these are mostly Serenitea Pot furnishings.

Genshin Impact The Great Gathering Guide Midpoint Interception Challenge 2b

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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