Genshin Impact: How to save the Scaredy-Cat in Free Verse quest

Genshin Impact Free Verse Quest
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The Free Verse quest of Genshin Impact includes a few underwater objectives, and you have to save the Scaredy-Cat in one of the objectives.

With the introduction of Erinnyes Forest, new world quests have been added to the game. Free Verse is one of the latest world quests of Genshin Impact where you will need to explore and meet a few characters. In one of the objectives of this quest, you will be required to save a Scaredy-Cat who is stuck inside a cage.

How to find the Rusty Iron Key in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Scaredy Cat
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You will find the Scaredy-Cat is locked inside a cage below a ship. Soon after trying to save him by unlocking the cage, you will find out that you need an item to unlock it. This item is called Rusty Iron Key.

After locating the cage, swim to your right and get up on the ground. As soon as you get on the ground, you should find a Treasure Hunters camp with a bunch of Treasure Hunters. As you get near them, they will get hostile and start to attack. Finish the Treasure Hunters and you will find a Wooden Box beside their cooking pot.

Investigate the cooking pot to receive the Rusty Iron Key. Take it underwater toward the cage again and press “Open” in front of the locked cage. Now head inside the cage and press Gotcha to rescue the Scaredy-Cat.

If you do not want to engage in battle, you can choose a peaceful method of rescuing the Scaredy-Cat as well. From the cage, swim to your left to find a breakable stone. Break the stone to create a path to swim down. On your right is where you’ll find the Scaredy-Cat.

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Genshin Impact: Scaredy-Cat location

Genshin Impact Free Verse Location
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Before reaching the Scaredy-Cat, you must finish all the other objectives of the Free Verse quest. The Free Verse quest can be initiated by visiting the docks near Opera Epiclese. Fast travel to the waypoint near Opera Epiclese to reach this location faster. After coming towards the dock, get down and you will find Penny, Don Quijano, and Nana. Talk with them to start the quest.

Genshin Impact Scaredy Cat Rusty Iron Key Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After capturing Lil’ Rascal, you will be guided towards the cage of the Scaredy-Cat. You will be swimming to different locations by following the children, so it can be difficult to describe in text. The screenshot above pinpoints the exact location. Not that you’ll really need it since the children will guide you toward every location along this quest.

Completing the Free Verse quest will give you the following rewards.

  • x40 Primogem
  • x3 Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • x30,000 Mora
  • x2 Hero’s Wit

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, mobile, and console platforms. Download the game from its official website.

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