Genshin Impact Kurious Kamera Five Flushes Of Fortune Event Guide

Subject: Red Item

Let’s talk about the red items in Genshin Impact‘s game world that you can use for the Five Flushes of Fortune event.


Many of these are fruits and flowers (enemies definitely don’t count). Examples include:

  • Flaming Flower – You’ll find several near the Pyro Regisvine’s cave. You’re likely to get crimson and ochre photos.
  • Jueyun Chili – Xiangling’s ascension material can be farmed all over Qingce Village. You’re likely to get ultramarine photos.

Gen Pct Krkm 5fl 1a

  • Apples – These are found all over Teyvat. Apples on the ground and those on trees count separately, so you can take multiple photos from the same spot. These gave me ultramarine and pale gold photos.
  • Silk Flower – Several nodes are found in Liyue’s temple area (the elevated area across Bubu Pharmacy). I got a couple of crimson and purple aster photos here.
  • Other examples include Sunsettias, Snapdragons, and Windwheel Asters. Raw Meat doesn’t count.

Gen Pct Krkm 5fl 1b

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