Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event Star Of Deceitful Dreams Meteorite Salvage Guide Feat

Star of Deceitful Dreams starter quest and meeting Mona

This quest chain is fairly straightforward. You’ll travel to Springvale and then to Stone Gate, Dihua Marsh, and Wangshu Inn. You’ll be talking to and helping out various NPCs.


Along the way, you’ll meet a mysterious character. I’ve never seen this fella before, so he might be a future 5-star character in Genshin Impact.

Gen Pct Star Of Deceitful Dreams Guide 1

Anyway, complete the quest objectives until you reach the part where you’ll have to do a Meteorite Salvage activity. The process goes like this:

  • Once you start the Meteorite Salvage activity, you’ll notice a 10-minute timer. You must finish the activity before the timer expires. Otherwise, it’ll end in faillure.
  • Multiple enemies will then spawn. Defeating them grants you progress.
  • You have to stay inside the meteorite’s radius to earn progress. If you go outside that area, progress will slowly deplete until it’s completely back to zero.
  • The meteorite will have an elemental symbol. Using elemental attacks that trigger it helps boost your progress.

Gen Pct Star Of Deceitful Dreams Guide 2

Once you’re done, you’ll return to Monstadt to speak with Katheryne from the Adventurer’s Guild. It’s here that Mona chimes in to tell the Traveler and Fischl about her theories.

Next, follow Mona to a specific location in Starfell Valley. She’ll channel a spell that begins the core gameplay loop involving the Meteorite Salvage activity.

Gen Pct Star Of Deceitful Dreams Guide 3

Anyway, we’re done with the introductory part for Star of Deceitful Dreams. Let’s go ahead and check out the Meteorite Salvage runs and rewards.

Gen Pct Star Of Deceitful Dreams Guide 4

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