Genshin Impact: Phaethon afterimages and childrens’ shades locations

Genshin Impact Phaethon Afterimage Ghosts Shades Children

The Phaethon afterimages in Genshin Impact are shades or ghosts that are still trapped in Enkanomiya. Similar to the other specters you’ve seen in the region, you need Evernight active to spot them. You’ll then earn an achievement called The Children of God Shall Dance. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you find the locations of all seven Phaethon afterimages or shades of children.

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Genshin Impact: All seven Phaethon afterimages and shades of children

The two quests that you need to complete are Hyperion’s Dirge and Phaethon’s Syrtos. The former nets you a quest item called the Divine Bridle. The latter, meanwhile, activates a platform where that item is used. Once you place the Divine Bridle in the water, the spirits of the children will be released.

Both quests are considered complete. As such, the Phaethon afterimages or children’s shades task in Genshin Impact isn’t an actual quest. It’s just a way for us to obtain a hidden achievement.

Genshin Impact Phaethon Afterimage Ghosts Shades Children 1

Child #1: Rikoru and Child #2: Isumenasu

While standing on the platform, look north. If Evernight is active, you should see the two shades across the gap. You can quickly talk to Child #1: Rikoru.

As for Child #2: Isumenasu, you need to jump off the side to tag the Essence plant. Then, climb back up and swap to Whitenight. This will remove the barrier. Jump inside the small room and transfer the essence to the Triangular Mechanism. You can hit it while it’s Whitenight to move the wall and get a chest behind it.

Then, go back and swap to Evernight and jump down again. You should be able to talk to Isumenasu.

Genshin Impact Phaethon Afterimage Ghosts Shades Children 2

Child #3: Surepio

Look south of the platform this time and you should see a ruined bridge. The next Phaethon afterimage in Genshin Impact can be found there.

Genshin Impact Phaethon Afterimage Ghosts Shades Children 3

Child #4: Risutaiosu

You should spot a small nook to the right and underneath the ruined bridge. The specter of the child is in there.

Genshin Impact Phaethon Afterimage Ghosts Shades Children 4

Child #5: Oropeusu

Next, look across the gap and cross the starlight bridge. You should see the shade to your left.

Gen Pct Enksec 9chphaft 1

Child #6: Ion

Just past that area, you’ll see a small nook and a wall that has collapsed. There’s another child here.

Gen Pct Enksec 9chphaft 2

Child #7: Piramumon

From your current location, climb up the ruined wall and pillars. You should see the last Phaethon afterimage on a ledge up top.

Finding all seven Phaethon afterimages in Genshin Impact nets you The Children of God Shall Dance achievement (i.e., 5x primogems).

Gen Pct Enksec 9chphaft 3

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