Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower Upgrades

Day 2 update: Gust (Anemo)

The Gust (Anemo) tower has just been made available today (February 11). You need to spend 50x Veneficus Sigils to unlock the level 1 version.


The Gust tower is primarily used for its knockback effect. Likewise, you may rotate it to face a particular direction (this doesn’t cost construction points).

You’ll know where it’s facing based on the “eye” of the machine itself.

Gen Pct Tht Mch Arm Twr 1a1

Unfortunately, this tower barely wowed me. With a level 5 Tidal Flats tower, I can easily kill almost everything. As such, I’ve rarely noticed the Gust’s knockback effect. Moreover, I found that you can just rely on (a) perma-freeze comps with Ganyu and Tidal Flats, and (b) the blocking capabilities of the Geo Traveler’s elemental skill (thanks to Sying Hu in the comments section for suggesting it).

Granted, we’ve only seen the easier difficulty levels in Theater Mechanicus. The Gust tower might be valuable down the line once enemy defenses are tougher, and pushing mobs off ledges is your only course of action. For now, though, Sucrose, Venti, and Jean already have your knockback/swirl needs covered.

Update: Let’s talk about the new addition for the third day of Genshin Impact‘s Theater Mechanicus mini-game. It’s the Ambush Mine.

Gen Pct Tht Mch Arm Twr 1b

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