Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower Upgrades

Festive Fever stage 2: The Desire tower

Genshin Impact has another tower that you can use in the Theater Mechanicus mini-game. It’s called Desire and it costs 200 Veneficus Sigils to unlock.


The Desire tower doesn’t actually attack your opponents. Instead, it significantly buffs the damage dealt by surrounding towers.

At level 2, its radius becomes larger. And, at level 3, its effects can overlap with other existing Desire-type buffs.

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower Upgrades Desire 1

Anyway, I did some damage calculations. I used a single, level 7 Hydro tower in the Theater Mechanicus’ newest map:

  • No Desire buffs – 1,162 damage
  • One Desire tower – 2,033 damage (75% increase)
  • Two Desire towers – 2,905 damage (150% increase)
  • Three Desire towers – 3,776 damage (225% increase)

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower Upgrades Desire 2

As you can see, each Desire machine you plop down provides a 75% increase to a tower’s base damage. It might be overkill to have one DPS tower surrounded by three of these, though.

My suggestion, at least for the first wave, would be to use the following: 1x Hydro, 1x Electro, 1x Desire, and 1x Recovery. If you’re playing co-op, tell the second player to do the same at another spawn point.

Having at least one Desire near spawn points should help nuke the mobs quickly, especially if multiple towers gain the damage buff. Just adapt accordingly (i.e., placing the Longbow) as the Theater Mechanicus encounter progresses.

Update: The last tower, the Portal of Wonders, can now be used.

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Armory Best Tower Upgrades Desire 3

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