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Obtaining Xiao Lanterns and starting your Theater Mechanicus run

First, make sure you’ve completed the starter quests to unlock the Lantern Rite festival itself. One of these quests has you talking to an NPC named Jingming who’ll let you know how to craft Xiao Lanterns.


Xiao Lanterns can be crafted via the alchemy bench, and you need the following ingredients:

  • 1x Lantern Fiber – You’ll get these whenever you pick up plants and flowers.
  • 1x Wick Material – These drop from various hilichurl and Fatui enemies.
  • 1x Plaustrite Shard – Simply mine some ore nodes to obtain these.

Gen Pct Tht Mch 1a

Next, speak to Ruijin. She’s at Liyue Harbor right next to Ji Tong (the Kurious Kamera NPC).

Ruijin will let you do one trial run of Theather Mechanicus for free. However, all subsequent runs require one Xiao Lantern.

Anyway, let’s talk about the basics of tower defense.

Gen Pct Tht Mch 1b

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