Genshin Impact Version 2.8(1)

The Fatui Harbingers have always been an unseen shadow within the depths of Genshin Impact‘s lore. As the main villainous group in the game, there’s bound to be a lot of interest in this mysterious group of characters. (Not to mention, they consist of some of the most popular individual characters in the game, like Tartaglia and Scaramouche.) In an unexpected move, HoYoverse decided to drop a story trailer, revealing to the players the identities of the Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact, as well as a new character named Collei.

Version 3.0 of Genshin Impact is on the horizon, expected to drop after Version 2.8. This version will bring the brand new region of Sumeru, as well as a new Dendro element. With a new region comes new insight into the main story of Genshin Impact, and the Fatui Harbingers seemingly play a huge role. The trailer follows the rest of the Fatui Harbingers (minus Scaramouche) as they mourn the passing of La Signora, the first Harbinger introduced to us at the beginning of the game. As we get a front-row seat to their meeting, we can see them accelerating their plans in seizing power from the Gods. That’s pretty cool.


A cosmic connection

One of those Harbingers, Dottore, seems to have a cosmic connection with Collei. Collei can be seen dreaming about Dottore in the trailer, taken aback by her ominous visions. We’ll get to meet Collei once Genshin Impact version 3.0 drops in a couple of months, and it seems like she’ll be an integral part of the story.

Meanwhile, we still have to get through Version 2.8, which will feature a reworked Golden Apple Archipelago as well as the new character, Shikanoin Heizou. We’ll also get a re-run for popular characters Kaedehara Kazuha and Klee, so be sure to pull for these guys if you have the Primogems to spare.

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