Genshin Impact: Yelan guide — Best weapons, artifacts, and talents

Genshin Impact Yelan Guide Best Weapons Artifacts Talents Aqua Simulacra Emblem Of Severed Fate Recurve Bow Elegy For The End Fading Twilight

Genshin Impact: The best weapon for Yelan – Aqua Simulacra, Fading Twilight, Elegy for the End, Recurve Bow, Sacrificial Bow, and other options

Let’s discuss the best weapons in Genshin Impact for Yelan.


Aqua Simulacra (crit damage) – This 5-star bow is the best weapon for Yelan, as it is featured alongside her wish banner. It automatically increases her HP by +16%. Likewise, her damage is increased by 20% as long as there are enemies nearby. This effect will remain active even if she’s not on the field. Because Yelan’s playstyle requires her to be an off-field/sub-DPS, this will benefit the DPS from her Depth-Clarion Dice burst/Exquisite Throw dice turret.

Polar Star (crit rate) – This is another 5-star weapon that’s decent. It gives +12% elemental skill and burst damage by default. When any type of ability/attack hits an enemy, it provides ATK% stacks. However, it might require Yelan to be more active on the field than usual.

Elegy for the End (energy recharge) – Another 5-star option, but this one is for energy recharge given Yelan’s costly burst. Elemental mastery is increased by +60 and Yelan’s skill/burst grants a Sigil of Remembrance for the party. Once you have four Sigils, the party gains +100 elemental mastery and +20% ATK. Because it can be triggered even when not on the field, you can gain stacks quickly from Lifeline explosions and Exquisite Throw projectiles.

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Fading Twilight (energy recharge) – This is also an energy recharge option. Thankfully, this weapon for Yelan is of the free-to-play variety from an upcoming event. Attacks that hit opponents (including skills and bursts) change the weapon’s state, with each state providing 6%/10%/14% damage. This can be triggered off-field, too.

Favonius Warbow (energy recharge) – Another common choice given the energy recharge. If you’re stacking crit, then you’ll have a higher chance of generating more particles for Yelan’s burst.

Sacrificial Bow (energy recharge) – Yes, this also has energy recharge, but it might be better than Favonius Warbow. With high refinement, you should be able to reliably reset Yelan’s elemental skill cooldown while her burst is active (though it can only occur once every 30 seconds). Still, you can have a sequence where she’ll pop her burst -> skill -> auto-attack twice (likely resetting the skill’s cooldown) -> skill -> auto-attack. This will also proc more projectiles from her dice turret. This is best used in conjunction with Yelan’s Constellation 1 (C1), assuming you want to splurge a bit with her.

Blackcliff Warbow (crit damage) – Acquired from Paimon’s Shop, this is a viable bow due to the all-important crit damage sub-stat. You also receive a +12% ATK buff for 30 seconds (stacking up to three times) whenever you defeat enemies. A bit of testing, however, might be necessary, as the buff might require Yelan to be on the field as opposed to just letting those explosions/turrets down opponents.

Recurve Bow (HP%) – Funnily enough, this is only a 3-star weapon, and its useless perk restores 8% HP when an opponent is defeated. However, the HP% sub-stat grants +46.9% HP when maxed out, which does help Yelan since her damage scales from her max health pool.

Okay, let’s move on to the next part of our Genshin Impact Yelan guide to talk about the best artifact sets for her.

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