As regular readers and (particularly) podcast listeners will know, we’re big fans of Peter Molyneux here at IncGamers. Not necessarily all of his games, but more the fact that he exists and says things on a regular basis. The 2013 Molyjam organisers apparently feel the same way, because for this year’s event the participants will be designing quick games based on real Molyneux quotes.

The last Molyjam was inspired by the all-too-plausible game ideas of fake twitterer Peter Molydeux, but this time the titles will be based on the real deal. Twenty two (hmm) absolutely real and only slightly out of context Molyneux quotes have been chosen as a starting point, but developers are of course free to take inspiration from a line of their own finding.

Still, when you’ve got things like “I still have nightmares about holding German sausages over my head” to work with why bother going further afield?

The jammin’ session will run from 5 July to 7 July and can be watched live, right now, via the magic of machines and the internet. If you live in a place where an actual, physical Molyjam meet-up is being held, then obviously you can pop along to that too. Last year brought us some incredible games, so I have high hopes for this event.

Peter Parrish

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