How to get Rod of Retribution in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 is an intense RPG that pits players against some of the toughest bosses out there in the gaming world. You’ll need the best weapons you can find to take some of these baddies down.

There are a ton of different weapons, armor types, accessories, and other equipment that can be used as you discover which build comp you like best in Remnant 2, and one of the items you’ll have the chance to obtain as you play through the One True King storyline. Continue reading to learn how you can get it.

How can you obtain the Rod of Retribution?

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To get the Rod of Retribution in Remnant 2, you will first need to find the Chamber of the Faithless, which is where the One True King is. Although the One True King is a Boss, he will ask you to kill Nimue for him and swear loyalty. If you do this, you will be granted the Rod of Retribution and can use it to kill Nimue when you see her next. He gives it to you right away, so you actually only have to talk with the One True King to add this Quest Item to your inventory – definitely making it one of the easier items to obtain through quests in Remnant 2 thus far.

Additionally, to keep the Rod of Retribution you do not actually have to kill Nimue. Instead, you can obtain her vow (it’s actually called “Nimue’s Vow”), and then when you head back to the One True King and defeat him in battle, you’ll be able to also get x1 Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow. You’ll only get this drop after initially agreeing to kill Nimue when you first talk to the One True King, and then changing your mind and obtaining Nimue’s Vow, before returning to confront the One True King.

What does Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow give you?

Returning Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow to Nimue herself will result in you receiving the Gift of the Unbound from her, which is an amulet that completely negates the negative effects of Burden Rings but also nerfs Maximum Health gained per effect disabled by a substantial 20%. Since it’s so new in the game, there aren’t any build recommendations for it yet because players are still testing it out to see how it can be useful in combat.

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