Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay with skydiving, choppers and sniping

Ghost Recon: Wildlands gameplay with skydiving, choppers and sniping

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is UbiSoft’s next big release and a few minutes of gameplay has appeared.

The video below shows snippets of action from a mission to demonstrate some of the different aspects of the gameplay. The mission kicks off with some sniping, then a skydive from a chopper, the chopper providing distracting cover fire, some infiltration, a hostile capture, and then an escape in a chopper. It all looks solid enough and pretty much what you’d expect.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands comes out on 7 March.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • BigShott

      Looks and plays like a “Metal Gear Solid V” clone, if you ask me.

      Instead of this title being a return to it’s glory day roots, it appears instead to be headed for the shelves of rubbish arcade fests, It’s so painfully obvious just how gamey this will play. I guess that’s a good thing these
      days for marketing though right? I mean they keep making them this way now so that must mean that 90% of people who buy games want this super dumbed down arcade-ish tripe instead of the more challenging sim-like gameplay of yesteryear?

      Ah well, looks like I won’t be getting rescued from the “Arma-Zone” anytime too soon. Another example of what was once maybe the greatest Coop shooter the world had ever seen, fast forwarded 16 years later and is currently well into an almost total PvP transition with almost no vanilla content out of the box. I mean a
      company that is now worth in the multi-millions with satellite offices around the world only investing into 1
      new staffer to work on the game’s AI (which is in a shambles) for a game that was for all these years (up until now apparently) nearly exclusively BASED UPON playing COOP with it’s AI.

      This is what happens when you start getting older, guys. Many things that were once grand, slowly begin to disappear and most of what you are left with in the end is pure shite, I’m afraid.

      If you’re a younger player I’m guessing that you’ll probably love this game, especially if you liked playing
      MGSV… but, if you’re old-school I predict it’ll be time to move on from this one.


      • Ossi Hurme

        The different difficulties help making it feel like tactical shooter occasionally. But yeah it won’t be anywhere near Arma.

      • ArtFull

        Got to agree, theres no more serious tone , played a lot to the original serie (GR1,desert siege and island thunder).Theres no more real millitary games out there (appart from Arma). I had a bit of hope for a tactical serious shooter, but more i see Have you see the guy jump out of the chopper? Looks like Just Cause or another arcade game.